Management Consulting Services

The knowledge you need, with the experience you can depend on.

OUR BUSINESS IS SAVING YOU MONEY - As a management consulting firm established in 1987, we are focused exclusively on the metals industry. Our objectives are to identify opportunities for clients to reduce the cost of new metal, improve the value received for scrap, manage price risk exposure and strengthen administrative and financial controls.

Once key areas are identified, we will design and develop specific plans and strategies, along with performance measurements, and will work with you to implement these programs.

  • Procurement
  • Contract Compliance
  • Scrap Metal Disposal
  • Procurement Auditing
  • Price Risk Assessment
  • Asset Recovery
  • Hedging Strategies
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Futures Transactions
  • In House Educational Seminars

THE EXPERIENCE YOU NEED – Since 1973, John Gross has been associated with worldwide leaders in every sector of the metals business. Examples include Amax Inc. and Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting. On the consumer side, he played a key role with BICC Cables Corporation, now General Cable, as Vice President of Strategic Metals for their North American wire & cable operations, and more recently, was Director of Metals Management with Scott Brass. Valuable merchant experience was acquired through his association with Ametalco and Amax Copper, and as a futures broker with Johnson Matthey & Wallace, he specialized in metals on the New York Commodity Exchange and London Metal Exchange. Thus, over the past thirty-five years, he has developed a solid understanding of the industry based on first hand experience.

WHO MAY BENEFIT – Typically, client companies are directly involved in nonferrous metals such copper, aluminum, lead, tin, nickel and zinc as producers or consumers, or indirectly dependent upon metals in the manufacturing process, or providing services such as telephone, transit, and utilities. Other examples include construction and chemical companies; accounting and law firms, as well as other consulting companies who require a highly specialized knowledge of the metals industry, not usually found within their organizations.

A PERSONAL APPROACH – We believe a ‘hands on’ approach works best. We meet personally with clients to gain a full understanding of their needs and objectives. By developing a sound working relationship, we will provide the knowledge, experience, resourcefulness and creativity to our clients, which has been the foundation of our success with companies ranging from the smallest job shop to the largest multi-national organizations.

Whether it is a stand alone project, short term support, or providing ongoing assistance, our service is extremely flexible and can be designed to meet your specific requirements. There is never a fee to discuss how we may be of service to your organization, and our competitive compensation is predicated solely upon delivering results.