Welcome To JE Gross & Co., Inc. Metals Management Services

You Don’t Want To Time The Markets,
 You Simply Want To Stay In Tune With Them,
And That Is How We Can Help You

Built upon more than 30 years of ‘hands on’ experience in all commercial sectors of the industry, we can assist your organization in physical metal procurement, scrap metal recycling and disposal, price risk management, as well as the development and implementation of policies, procedures and controls, to help you manage your business more efficiently, and enhance productivity and profitability.                               

Recognizing the extreme level of price volatility that has become inherent in the markets, and its impact upon your business, we have created educational programs to assist in your metal management efforts. Whether it is technical analysis, price risk hedging programs or procurement strategies, our in house training seminars are designed to address your specific requirements.

Typically, clients say the information, education, and market insight they gain far exceeds the cost of the seminar. You will leave the program looking at markets with a very different, and compelling perspective. Further, you will gain the ability to make independent decisions for yourself, and save money for your company

Whether it is a stand-alone project, short term support, or providing ongoing assistance, our services are extremely flexible, and can be designed to meet your unique objectives. There is never a fee to discuss how we may be of service to your organization, and our competitive compensation is predicated solely upon delivering results.


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