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How to Hammer Out a Niche in Copper -

Read what The Wall Street Journal wrote when John started his consulting business in 1987.
Read More (PDF)

Expected Supply Deficit To Underpin Copper Prices -

Analysts look for copper to start benefitting from a supply-demand deficit in 2019 after being held back during 2018 by issues such as worries about the U.S.-China trade war. Read More (Link)

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Ferrous futures likely to go mainstream -

Ferrous futures contracts have not been widelyadopted by the metals industry yet but if progress in the copper and aluminium markets is any indication...Read More (PDF)

This content was originally produced by Grace Lavigne at Fastmarkets AMM: View Article

What Is The Gold Market Telling Us?

The price of gold peaked at $1,762 on a monthly average basis in September 2011. Since then, the market has tried and failed three times. Read More

What Is Driving The Metal Markets?

In all likelihood, Mark Twain did not have metal markets in mind when he said, “history does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme”. Read More (PDF)

The Longview of Copper Prices -

When it comes to the long-term view of the ups and downs in the copper market, it can be argued that John Gross has it covered...Read More

Copper: The Challenge Continues -

The market is bullish, and why not? Read More (PDF)

Copper Pricing Update -

Right now there doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason for the run-up in pricing for copper and other metals...Read More

Managing Price Risk Protects Profitability -

As you know only too well, the past several years have seen unprecedented price volatility for all commodities, with copper in particular subject to violent swings...Read More (PDF)

Copper: Managing Price Risk -

Hedging can help protect buyers of copper and other metals from wild swings in prices...Read More (PDF)

Managing Price Risk -

Hedging can help protect buyers of copper and other metals from wild swings in prices...Read More

Copper: The Evolution Of An Industry -

On a hot, humid summer day in 1974, I paid my first visit to the United States Metals Refining Company...Read More

Copper Market of Extremes -

What a long, strange trip it's been for the copper market over the past 12 months...Read More (PDF)

Copper: A Market Divided -

The real turning point began to emerge in earnest during 2004 however...Read More

Copper Prices: A Story Of Extremes -

It was just a little more than a half year ago, July 2, 2008 to be exact, that the price of copper on Comex closed at a record high $4.08 per pound. Read More

Copper: Anatomy of a Bull Market -

With prices continuing to advance at unprecedented rates, it was apparent that something unusual was occurring, beyond what might be expected. Read More (PDF)