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The Copper Journal Weekly Reports - pg 2. Weekly reports / charts

Nov 29

John Gross

A False Alarm?

The last two issues of this missive advised keeping an eye on energy markets, as crude oil and natural gas had broken through overhead resistance, and looked poised to move higher.

Last week, however, both markets fall precipitously, and now they are headed toward a test of support.

Those who are guided strictly by the fundamentals will quickly point out that both markets...

Nov 22

John Gross

A Moon Shot?

Over the past two weeks, inventories of aluminum held in LME warehouses rose some 237,225 metric tonnes, or 25% to 1.18 million mt on Friday.

No need to go into how so much metal ‘moved’ into warehouses in such a short period of time, we’ve gone through the exercise enough that it isn’t worth repeating.

Nevertheless, we do hope the LME will address...

Nov 15

John Gross

Not Encouraging...

The last weekly report observed that precious metals were beaten up pretty badly, with heavy losses incurred by all.

This past week saw the nonferrous complex go through the mill, with each and every one hit hard.

The Price & Inventory report lays out the grim statistics, but a review...

Nov 8

John Gross

Midcycle Adjustment?

After cutting the Fed Funds target rate for the 3rd time this year to 1.50%, the Federal Reserve implied that it’s ‘Midcourse Correction’ was complete.

But we wonder if we are seeing other corrections now, or potential changes in trends.

Treasury yields climbed last week, with the 10 year up...

Nov 1

John Gross

What Are The Markets Telling Us? Part II

So, equity markets here and elsewhere rose to new record highs; the unemployment rate remains at historically low levels, and interest rates have been cut for the 3rd time this year.

We can all be forgiven for not understanding this confusing, conflicting, and confounding situation.

When will normalcy return?