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The Copper Journal Weekly Reports - pg 3. Weekly reports / charts

Oct 25

John Gross

What Are The Markets Telling Us?

The quick answer is that most metal markets look like they want to go higher, but elsewhere, it is many mixed messages.

In the precious metals department, prices are up on the week; year to date, and on a year over year basis.

Palladium has been the leader for a long time now, but silver, gold, and platinum have overcome...

Oct 18

John Gross

How Timely...

A recent issue of The Economist (Oct 5, 2019) had a lead article entitled ‘Masters of the Universe’ and subtitled, ‘Forget Gordon Gekko. Computers increasingly call the shots in financial markets’.

The gist of the piece is that machines are increasingly taking control of investing, and that AI – artificial intelligence programs are now writing their own investment rules. (Really?)

It was also pointed out that ‘Funds run by computers that follow rules set by humans now account...

Oct 11

John Gross

The Real Deal?

We certainly hope so, because markets around the world are counting on it.

The first sign of progress in trade talks in quite some time sent equity markets higher, with the S&P 500 closing at 2,970 on Friday, just 56 points shy of its record high 3,025.86 set on July 26th.

Nonferrous metals also got a boost last week, with support lines holding...

Oct 4

John Gross

What’s Up Doc?

That’s the question people around the world are asking of the Good Doctor Copper.

On Friday, the Financial Times published an article entitled “Copper Price Reflects Grim Assessment of Global Economy”.

The piece went on to cite a variety of issues weighing on the world...